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Real reviews from real people – Thank you !


The Gebhardt family from Hawaii and The Brightmads from New Zealand stayed in SHELDRAKE and TRESILLIAN

What waves!!! A sunset surf – you will feel as if you have died and gone to heaven!!


The Onsed Family from Essex stayed in TRESILLIAN

We have had yet another wonderful stay at Vellandreath in Sennen.  We love it here!  Weather sunny as always!!! Great to see Brian again – we love him… Absolutely gutted to be going home – 1 week just isn’t enough.  Look forward as always to coming back next year.


Sarah, Larry Rob Raf Adam Sonny Sylvie Molly and the dog from Norfolk and Essex stayed in SHELDRAKE

The valley overwhelmed us – the views are spectacular and the house is really lovely for a large family to spend time in.


The Saha Family from Great Ayton stayed in TRESILLIAN

Fantastic!  Down to the very last detail!  Design, location, comfort, amenities… the lot! Thank you!  We’ve had a great time!


The York Family stayed in TRESILLIAN

A wonderful week in a lovely place.  This is the first letting house I have felt “I could live here”. Well equipped and designed.  Thank you!


Richard, Kate, Matt and Charlie from Australia stayed in SHELDRAKE

Perfect weather, one of the most relaxing weeks of the year.


Agrawal family from New Delhi stayed in SHELDRAKE

What an amazing holiday!  What a beautiful, family reunion.


Mr and Mrs Arther from Sommerset stayed in CASTAWAYS

Definitely our best holiday in this country:  Superb cottage with wonderful surroundings and total heaven for the dog.

The McTigue family from Enfield stayed in SHELDRAKE

Location!  Location!  Location!  Fulfilled my dream.


The Davies Family from Bucks stayed in TRESILLIAN

What a lovely job you’ve done Tresillian.  Another lovely week in this part of the country.  Thank you!


The Morgan Family  from Exeter stayed in TRESILLIAN

A lovely place for our family to celebrate my 60th Birthday.  Thank you to Clive and Brian for the warm welcome and for making our stay hassle free.


The Redding family from London stayed in TRESILLIAN

What a beautiful transformation while retaining so many wonderful original features. We’ll be back next year!


The Pashley Family Lancashire & Beraney Family from Essex stayed in TRESILLIAN

The cottage was really really lovely and the beach was awesome. We loved staying here and will be here next year!


Roger and Tessa from Edinborough stayed in CASTAWAYS 

What a magical place to spend our honeymoon.  Looking forward to coming back for many anniversaries to come.


The Barratt Family from Wattington  stayed in TRESILLIAN

Thank you all so much – we’ve had a wonderful stay – albeit far too short and hope to come back next year.


The Lambert Family from Derby stayed in TRESILLIAN

Attractive, comfortable, well-equiped, fantastic views…. Well worth the 6 hour drive!


The Kesterton Family from Surrey stayed in TRESILLIAN

Thank you for a lovely cottage, we will be returning soon!


The Doherty Family from Wilture stayed in TRESILLIAN

Lovely cottage in a fantastic location, had a really lovely week.  Thanks to Brian and all for making us feel so welcome.


The Simpson family from Oxfordshire stay in TRESILLIAN

What a wonderful cottage in a superb location!  To walk in and find it beautifully decorated and clean was wonderful and we really settled in to enjoy our two weeks.  We would love to stay here forever…


Rainsbourg families! Stayed in TRESILLIAN

A great relaxing, misty Cornish holiday !  What a lovely tasteful house you’ve created… We’ll be back!


Alan Geraldien Rufus stayed in TRESILLIAN 

Wonderful holiday, wonderful weather.  The rewards of your labour has given us great joy and happiness.  Wonderful place and love come back again.


Bullen family from London TRESILLIAN

Many thanks – beautiful cottage, lovely week week xxx


John and James from Bristol stayed in TRESILLIAN

Another magical week in Sennen – Lots of adventures…


The Thomas family stayed in TRESILLIAN

Great time just what the doctor ordered!  Lovely holiday home


Rob, Laura Rita Caroline, Ian, Robert, baby Harry and Harry the dog stayed in TRESILLIAN

Wonderful stay at a wonderful cottage.  Beautiful in every way – amazing location.


Cellan-Jones from Buckland stayed in TRESILLIAN

This our 6th visit!  The valley is so beautiful and the hard work you have all put in to the gardens makes them STUNNING! Tresillian is perfect!


Tyers family and friends from Salisbury stayed in TRESILLIAN

This is our first visit but not our last!  The house is perfect and so much loving care has been put into both the house and the garden.  The setting is spectacular and the beach is almost in the garden!


The Moore family from East Sussex stayed in TRESILLIAN

Lovely house, lovely setting and wonderful holiday.


Harvey-Toon family from Barrow-on-Trent stayed in TRESILLIAN

A fantastic time was had by all.  The house is very welcoming and cosy.  Days on the beach, nights by the fire!  Thanks Brian for his local knowledge.


Cowley / Durows from Derbyshire stayed in SHELDRAKE

Marvellous as always! Many thanks to Clive, Jill, Brian and Peter.


Cowling family from Essex stayed in SHELDRAKE

What a wonderful view!!! Our little dog had the best time!!!


The Roberts family from East Sussex stayed in SHELDRAKE 

What a wonderful holiday in such a beautiful, comfortable house which really felt more like a home rather than a holiday let!


Howard, James, Scarlet, Lindsay, Annette and Harry from Derbyshire stayed in SHELDRAKE

Another great week in this fabulous place.  You don’t have to go far to find wonderful walks and fine ‘watering holes’.


Bartlett family from London stayed in SHELDRAKE

Beautiful views from the cottage to enjoy and many favourite places revisited.


The Nolan family from Mossley stayed in SHELDRAKE

We’ve been here once before and didn’t hesitate to book again – our two young children love Sheldrake, Vellandreath and Sennen.


The Bradbury family from Derbyshire stayed in SHELDRAKE

Another fabulous week at Sheldrake.  Our holiday house yet again!!!  We have been coming to Vallendreath for 22 years !


The Taylor family from Cheshire stayed in SHELDRAKE 

We love the view here at Sheldrake: beautiful sunsets, basking sharks, big sky – fantastic!


The Jordan and Foster family stayed in SHELDRAKE

We love this house – can we take it home?


The Cunning and Cox family from London stayed in SHELDRAKE

Beautiful cottage with most amazing views.


The Harringtons from London stayed in SHELDRAKE

Sheldrake is an absolute dream holiday destination, it has lovely feathures!  The view is amazing along with the natural & extremely friendly life in the garden – birds!


The Hutchings family from Crowborough stayed in SHELDRAKE

Staying at Sheldrake has made for a truly wonderful experience, the cottage and its location provide a foundation for a awesome holiday.


Bauermeister and friends from Berlin stayed in SHELDRAKE

This house is very beautiful and we have a wonderful impression from this part of Cornwall.


The Carr family from Cambridge stayed in SHELDRAKE

Fantastic week! Weather great, view stunning!


The Simmond family from Bucks stayed in SHELDRAKE

Another lovely week in peaceful Vellandreath Valley.  1st time in Sheldrake – what wonderful view.


The Denhams from Suffolk stayed in SHELDRAKE

What a lovely place and fantastic view!


Group of 10 friends from Plymouth stayed in Sheldrake SHELDRAKE

We had a most amazing time here.  Such an idyllic cottage with magnificent view.  A little piece of heaven!


Stongs and Buster family from Staffordshire stayed in SHELDRAKE

Perfect place to unwind.  Our second visit.  A delightful retreat, magnificent views & superb walks.  We’ll be back!


Cunnings and Cox family from London stayed in SHELDRAKE

Fantastic cottage with amazing views.  Lots of fun things for the children to do.


Bradbury family from Derbyshire stayed in SHELDRAKE

Together again for our annual holiday in Sheldrake.  We first came in 1989 !


Penn family from Stevenage stayed in SHELDRAKE

What a wonderful cottage Sheldrake is!! All facilities provided – excellent.


The Morton family from Bucks stayed in SHELDRAKE

The views are breathtaking.


The Dallas and Keeshan family from Redding stayed in SHELDRAKE

Fabulous week.  Thank you to Brian for his usual friendly welcome and all his help.


The Hadleys, The Hunts and The Blowers from Buckinghamshire stayed in SHELDRAKE

Having viewed Sheldrake from the beach during a visit last year we are delighted to have been able to book it.

The Powell family from London stayed in SHELDRAKE  What a fantastic spot – a wonderful view and lovely cottage with a beautiful sitting room and wonderful kitchen.


The Simpson family from Moulsford on Thams stayed in SHELDRAKE

Fab! Fab! Fab! Amazing setting and everyone had a fantastic time!


The Goodey family from Devon, Brighton, London and France stayed in SHELDRAKE

We love this house.  Perfect loction.  Everything inside the house is beautiful!  The garden and surroundings are so beautiful and maintained too!


The Cavanaghts-Wirral from Chester stayed in SHELDRAKE

Beautiful location, very special and can’t imagine enaywhere else as stunning.


The Cowley-Durows from Derbyshire stayed in SHELDRAKE

Another super duper holiday at Sheldrake.


Andrew and Julie from Chichester stayed in CASTAWAYS

What a fantastic surprise, the refurbishment is fantastic and the gardens superb.


John and Claire from Essex stayed in CASTAWAYS

Wow!  The gardens are amazing!  Truly a little piece of heaven.

Cathy and Matt from Essex stayed in CASTAWAYS

We returned to this beautiful place to celebrate my birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary.  Castaways provided the most ideal environment…


Mr and Mrs Arther from Sommerset stayed in CASTAWAYS

Definitely our best holiday in this country:  Superb cottage with wonderful surroundings and total heaven for the dog.


Helen, Dan and Paddy stayed in CASTAWAYS

An amazing week in this beautiful cottage!  It really is a hidden gem and we will be back next year!


Alison and Alan from Bedforshire stayed in CASTAWAYS

A very relaxing time in this beautiful cottage with its stunning gardens, little stream and many seating areas.  A lovely little sun trap and great for the beach.


Dave and Liz from Morpeath stayed in CASTAWAYS

Stunning location, excellent cottage and beautiful garden.


Sue and Dave from Guildford stayed in CASTAWAYS

How lovely to be able to walk barefoot from the beach to your door!  Just a delightful place to be, whatever the weather, a cosy cottage beautiful gardens and stunning views.


Wordlaw family from Wiltshire stayed in PETRA

For 13 years I have returned here annually, to a little part of heaven.  On my 1,000th wave, 2nd dog, still first wife and family.  Many thanks.


Beasants from Leicstershire stayed in PETRA

Our 7th visit, one year, one month after Ian asked me to marry him on the beach here – now married – back from honeymoon – we had to com back to the most magical place in the world – as always it was just perfect.


The Wedgebraws from Plymouth stayed in PETRA

petra and the valley – fantastic!  The people, pub, cottage, valley beach and the waves, I want more! Much more!!!


Ian, Christine, Jordon, Madeline and colonel the dog from West Sussex stayed in GIRL ANNIE

Another fantastic time at Vellandreath, 1st time in Girl Annie, stunning views.


The Baggs from Market Place stayed in GIRL ANNIE 

“Doggy Heaven”  sand, sea and seagulls and lots of rabbits!  We did spot dolphins – twice!


Jackie, Steve, Charlie and Harry from Hertfordshire stayed in GIRL ANNIE

Gorgeous house with the best views!  As far away from it all as you can get  Do not want to leave this beautiful place.  We will be back. Thank you !


The Axmark family from Berkshire stayed in GIRL ANNIE

A very warm and cosy cottage, we love it here!  Fantastic view and  a good playful area for the children.


The Bagg family from Market Place stayed in GIRL ANNIE

2nd visit this year; weather fantastic, views stunning, cottage heaven.  See you next year.


Gill, Andy and Alfie from Bedford stayed in GIRL ANNIE

A perfect place!


Julie and Matthew from N. Essex stayed in WHITE BREAKERS

Weather amazing for September.  Cottage lovely and quiet, giving us all a relaxing stay.


The Spail family from Exeter stayed in WHITE BREAKERS

Have we really  been staying here for 10 years?  Yes we have!  The cottage and the valley even more beautiful than ever…


The Hazell family from Buckinghamshire stayed in WHITE BREAKERS

Beautiful location very relaxing, we found our piece of heaven.


The Birkett family from North Yorkshire stayed in WHITE BREAKERS

What a wonderful location, a secret to be kept.


Julie and Dave from West Midlands stayed in BASKING SHARK

Wonderful cottage, beautiful location.  We couldn’t wish for a better place to lock ourselves away from the mad, mad world of today, Fabulous!


Sam and Jo from Kenley stayed in BASKING SHARK

What a view!  Great place to relax and recharge.


Abi and Philip from London stayed in BASKING SHARK

A fantastic view, great cottage, we had a fabulous time – refreshed, recharged, re-energised!


Becky and Dave from Edinburgh stayed in BASKING SHARK 

A perfect arm and cosy getaway, nestled in a magical little cove.


Hollie and Henry and Roo (the dog) from Surrey stayed in BASKING SHARK

Perfect!!! Exceeded expectations.  Views were incredible, loved every second, beach was stunning.  So sad to be leaving.


John, Pam and Grandson Adam from West Sussex stayed in LITTLE PETRA

Lovely holiday cottage, immaculate, you have thought of everything!


John and Lisa from Hardingstone stayed in LITTLE PETRA

3rd visit and never disappoints; fabulous setting for a great cottage and garden.  Wonderful place to relax.


Tim and Jo from Poole, Dorset stayed in LITTLE PETRA

A dream come true – just fantastic.


Chris and Tracey from Wiltshire stayed in LITTLE PETRA

What a perfect little cottage!  Wonderful views, excellent attention to detail, thank you!


More coming soon…..