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Surfing Sennen

Things to Do in Sennen Cornwall


Your Holiday Cottage in Sennen Cornwall by the Sea in Vellandreath Valley has one of natures best playgrounds right on its doorstep: the beach.

Of course where there’s a beach there’s the the sea and in our case we have the Atlantic Ocean brushed by the Gulf Stream.

Whitesands Bay, Sennen is a Blue Flag beach and is well known for its quality surf, rich in surf history and folk lore.

The conditions vary according to time and tide but waves can be found for all abilities whether novice, intermediate or expert.

Don’t worry, if surfing is not for you then one can always take advantage of the sheltered end of the bay and swim between the lifeguard’s red and yellow bathing flags when the waves are up.

Children have an absolute ball in the surf and the local surf schools offer great coaching to get them up and riding the rollers though of course just frolicking in the waves and body boarding will be excitement enough for some.

If you’ve already got the surfing bug then this is the perfect place for you. If you’ve yet to try surfing then, in our opinion, there’s no better place to start…

Sennen Surf Center

Sennen Surfing Center are a friendly bunch. They provide lessons, equipment and their instructors are qualified lifeguards.

Sam Smart Surf

Sam Smart is a seasoned local pro surfer. He runs an established surf school and surf shop based in Sennen Cove.

Chapel Idne

Sennen’s very own surf shop selling quality surfboards and all necessary equipment and accessories just by the beach.

Sennen Cove Surf

Sennen’s local surf & weather report is updated daily using local knowledge, wave buoy and wind data complete with daily photos.


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Things to Do in Sennen Cornwall


Things to Do in Sennen Cornwall

Things to Do in Sennen Cornwall