Sun, Sea & Sennen : A Guide to Local Festivities & Cottage Life

Summer at the cottages is not just about enjoying the tranquil seaside views but also about immersing yourself in vibrant local events that capture the essence of Cornish culture.

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Savoring Sennen Cove: A Seafood Lover's Paradise

Nestled on the Cornish coast, Sennen Cove is a picturesque haven renowned for its breath-taking natural beauty. Imagine a stunning beach with golden sand, embraced by rugged cliffs and caressed by the invigorating Atlantic breeze. This idyllic setting cultivates a serene atmosphere that beckons visitors seeking tranquillity and a taste of paradise. Whether you crave a leisurely stroll along the shore or yearn to witness a spectacular sunset, Sennen Cove offers an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the very essence of Cornwall's charm.

Sennen Cove: A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

Nestled on the dramatic western tip of Cornwall, Sennen Cove is a paradise for nature lovers. With its rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, and abundant wildlife, this charming village offers a multitude of activities to reconnect with the outdoors. Whether you're a seasoned surfer seeking epic waves or a casual hiker yearning for breath-taking vistas, Sennen Cove promises an unforgettable experience.

Maritime Heritage: Exploring Historic Shipwrecks Around Cornwall

Cornwall's rugged coastline and treacherous waters are not just a beacon for surfers and holidaymakers; they also serve as a final resting place for countless ships throughout history. 

The Enigmatic Tale of Perkin Warbeck & Sennen Cove

The story of Perkin Warbeck is a riveting chapter in English history, intertwined with mystery, intrigue, and a daring claim to the throne. In the late 15th century, England's political landscape was tumultuous, and Warbeck's arrival at Sennen Cove in Cornwall marked a significant moment in this era of unrest.

What To Do In Winter: Sennen Cove

Yes, you can visit Cornwall in winter. OK, it won't be a sunbathing break, but you can enjoy the dramatic scenery, the friendly Cornish people and their traditions.

Enjoy Cornish Christmas Traditions At Sennen Cove

Are you planning a getaway at Christmas? Then, consider visiting Cornwall and enjoying the charming and interesting Cornish Christmas traditions. 

Fly Away to Vellandreath: A Birdwatcher's Haven

Welcome to the serene and picturesque Vellandreath Cornish Cottages, where the gentle whisper of waves, lush green landscapes, and the melodious chirping of birds create a tranquil haven for nature enthusiasts.